We have a fantastic team of staff here at  Walton  Primary Academy. Each member of our team brings their own collection of talents and qualities that help keep our children interested, active and safe.


The pictures below have all been created by our children and chosen by staff members themselves. We decided to ask the children to create our portraits as we believe that they know us better than anyone else and also because children can often capture things that a camera cannot. It also gives us another opportunity to showcase our children’s amazing talents.


Each phase is led by a senior member of staff . Phase Leaders are the person that should be contacted if an issue cannot be resolved by a class teacher. The Phase Leaders are as follows:


Foundation:     Mrs Armitage

Key Stage 1:    Mrs Upton

Lower  KS 2:    Ms Purdy

Upper  KS 2:    Mr Fernley   


Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher: Mr A Harpham
Deputy Headteacher and Inclusion Leader, Miss A Fahy
Assistant Headteacher for Curriculum and Teaching and Learning, Mr D Fernley
Leadership Team
SENDCo: Class 3 Miss R Travis
UKS2 Phase Leader: Class 9 Mr D Fernley
LKS2 Phase Leader: Class 5 Ms J Purdy
KS1 Phase Leader: Class 1 Mrs R Upton
EYFS Phase Leader: FS2 Mrs L Armitage
Class 9   Teacher Mr Fernley LHLTA (Lead Higher Level Teaching Assistant ) Mrs Smith
Class 8   Teacher Mr Gabbitas  LSA (Learning Support Assistant) Mrs Dixon
Class 7   Teacher Mrs Tomlinson LSA  Ms Raikes    
Class 6   Teacher Mrs Mulroy LSA Mrs Henshall  LSA  Mrs Clayton
Class 5   Teacher Ms Purdy HLTA Mrs Datta LSA  Mrs Plant
        LSA Mrs Brown    
Class 4   Teacher Mrs Wilde LSA Mr Connellan LSA  Ms Graham
        LSA Mrs Connelly    
Key Stage 1 Unit
Class 3   Teacher Miss Travis HLTA Mrs Stockdale LSA Mrs Beaman
Class 2   Teacher Miss O'Dowd LSA Mrs King LSA Ms Newton
Class 1   Teacher Mrs Upton LSA Mrs Davies  LSA  Mrs Lindop
Foundation Unit
FS2   Teacher Mrs Armitage LSA Mrs Burke      
FS2   Teacher Miss Marshall LSA Mrs Reilly
FS1   Teacher Miss Burkinshaw LSA Mrs Ward
School Business Manager Mrs Christian    
Admin Team     Mrs Watson Mrs Thomas Mrs Ainsworth
Caretaker ~  

Mr Gittins