Parents Information

Working Together

At Walton Primary we understand that you are trusting us on a daily basis with the most precious things in your lives. We understand how important our relationships with parents are and endeavour to ensure we get them right. Working together for our children is about good communication and understanding and we have therefore constructed this page to facilitate those key elements. We hope to develop this page over the coming months, with the help of parents, to ensure it meets all our needs.

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Parental Support and Advice

Click Here for NSPCC left home alone guide

Click Here for NSPCC going out alone guide

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Open Door Policy 

We believe that a warm welcome, a positive approach and easy access to information are key to securing effective home/school communication. There are a number of ways for information to be shared between home and school, including: 

  • Notices in every classroom for news and updates
  • Celebration Sharing Assemblies
  • Parental Consultations termly 
  • Curriculum Outlines issued termly
  • Informal communications at the end of the school day
  • A post box available in the front entrance for your suggestions and ideas
  • The school uses Ofsted's Parent View to gather feedback about the school.
  • Termly parent-teacher meetings and pupil progress reports
  • Friendly and helpful staff in the office who can help direct you to any information you might need
  • Senior teachers and the Headteacher and/or Deputy headteacher around on the playground at the start and end of most days
  • This website!

Your View is Important  

You may want to share your thoughts with Ofsted or, alternatively, visit Parent View. Please Click Here to do so.

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